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August 22, 2014
  5 Ratings | 3 Reviews  
40% Recommend
Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant
151 Third St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 361-0372
Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant-Baton-Rouge

Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant Reviews (3)
Laid back lunch place
by jeepfreak on 3/12/13
First time in, had the fish tacos on corn tortillas. Had one fried, one grilled. Liked the fried one better but both were legit with fresh ingredients. Would have liked a little more cilantro and a little less cabbage, but quite tasty regardless. The rice had a hint of what I think was cinnimon...odd but good. The black beans were bland. Salt/pepper them b/f you even take a bite.

Service was very good and the server was helpful in selectioning something as it was my first time there(she recommended the fried fish on the taco). They also have a punch card for lunch, buy 5 get 1 free. My actual rating is 3-1/2 stars, but that's not an option.
by Bucket on 2/9/13
Been several times. Haven't had a good meal yet. Keep hoping it gets better but know it won't. Such a waste of a good location.
by TheEnglishman on 8/8/10
I clicked "no i wouldn't recommend", but the place is not bad for drinks. also the buffalo wings are pretty good.
The fish tacos are also decent. the problem is that nothing is great. you leave going "i spent what??" and i did'nt really care for the food that much...

Fun place, definitely not very good food.
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