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October 1, 2014

Oscar's Ice Cream & Pizza Joint Reviews (4)
Most Underrated Pizza in BR
by dustinm27 on 2/21/12
Their cal-zones are HUGE!!The pizza and atmosphere are both great. They usually have pretty good specials during the week also
Very good and different pizza
by Lithium on 7/15/10
I had the Boudin and alligator sausage pizza was excellent
Nice variety of pizzas, ice cream's awesome, beer is cold
by StatMaster on 7/10/10
See above
Good if expensive
by sader07 on 6/28/10
Oscar's has a very ambitious menu but the execution was anything but. The D&A (Duck and Andouille) pizza was my favorite despite the flavors being muddled. I guess there's only so much you can do with pizza...the ice cream was good though. Prices need to go down.
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