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October 23, 2014

Niche Bar & Grill Reviews (6)
Hesitant But Pleasantly Surprised
by Fratastic423 on 4/6/11
The wife and I stopped by last night even though I was hesitant based on the reviews here. Her cousin told her that it was good so she wanted to go. Interior was nicer than I expected it to be. Nothing fancy, but a clean place that had a good number of tv's with the LSU baseball game on. Service was a little slow from our waiter but he was dealing with a large table outside as well as two inside. The owner (I assume) stopped by a couple of times, very friendly. Covered up for the semi-slow service of the waiter, nothing to complain about though.

Food came out quickly. We got the cheese sticks (7.99) since we saw they were made in house. Not as good as Sammies but that is a tall order. We thought they were really good. A-

I got the Soft Shell Crab Poboy. Two crabs on a poboy with fries for 10.99. I thought that was a decent price, especially compared to Acme so I jumped at it. Fries were basic. The poboy was pretty good. The crabs were not as crispy as hoped but the flavor was great. Overall pretty good poboy. B

Wife got the boiled crawfish. 3lbs, 2 potatoes, corn 15.99. Little pricey but the crawfish were better than any other restaurant crawfish I have had before. She loved them so I cannot complain. Medium sized overall, I haven't had many crawfish this year so I am not sure if that is just the norm at the moment. Since the wife really enjoyed them and I thought they were good for restaurant crawfish, I cannot give them anything but a high grade. A/A+

Beers were cheap. They had Covington's Strawberry and Fort Collins' Major Tom. 4 dollars a pint. Not bad, not terribly large selection but I would drink that FC beer all day so, B on the bar.

Overall I would definitely go back. Prices were a little high but nothing too crazy.
Not worth the drive from LSU
by Geauxld Finger on 3/26/11
Ok I made it over there last night purely for the fact that about 80% of my dinner was free.

We had spinach queso to start which was basic fare of many other restaurants. Actually it's the exact same stuff you can get at J. Alexanders if I'm not mistaken.

For entrees I had the Soft Shell Crab Po Boy which I asked for no mayo, came with shite tons of mayo. Had to scrape a bit off but overall the sandwich was pretty tasty. Some of the crab seemed a little over fried, but it all had good flavor. Fries that came with it were basic.

The gf had grilled shrimp with some special potatoe dish and a side of crawfish etouffee. The shrimp actually made me want to gag when I tried them. They were grilled with barely any spice or flavor. They ended up just being a rubbery mass sitting on a plate full of butter. For 16.99 I expect a bit better quality. The only plus side was that you got a bunch of shrimp. The sides were average on that one.

We skipped dessert and headed out. Overall I could eat there again if I had to, but I'm likely not ever going to. Most people there were getting boiled crawfish and exclaimed about how good they were.
in the middle
by boogie81 on 8/14/10
Good atmoshere for Seigen Lane, sat at the bar with a couple friends and happened to chat with one of the owners. Asked him about the food and he talked about a few of the menu items then made the statement "kinda like Sammy's but better." Bold statement for a place trying to get on their feet. Had an appetizer, it was ok. Decent prices on their beer during happy hour. All in all it was just ok.
Solid Meal
by BearTiger on 8/6/10
Niche has a good set up with a lot of tv's and a friendly wait staff. If you are looking for a casual meal, it is a diverse menu and a lot of beers on tap.

Most of us went with the pasta dishes and salads which were similar to Capital City Grill. The desserts impressed, especially the caramel cheesecake.

If you are looking for a meal similar to a chilis or brewbachers type, niche is not a bad option.
Grilled Shrimp Po-Boy
by extremecheddar on 7/26/10
The grilled shrimp po-boy was delicious!!! Great service as well!
Give Niche A Try!
by LSUGoose on 7/9/10
Went today for lunch. Good interior, good menu, and good food. We had fried soft shell crab po-boy, corn and shrimp soup, and grilled chicken over pasta lunch special.

All was good and I would go back. Place was packed. A little pricey, but I'd put it in the category with Sammy's and Copeland's. But Sammy's trumps it with boiled seafood.

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