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November 26, 2014

Pho Quynh Reviews (1)
More than just Pho
by Degas on 7/31/10
When I'm in the mood for a bowl of Pho, the closest Vietnamese joint will do, as there isn't much variation from Pho to Pho. What really sets restaurant Pho Quynh apart from others is the extensive (not expensive) menu selection, ranging anywhere from fried squid to quail. I've enjoyed a Vietnamese hot pot, which you cook yourself at the table, featuring various seafood, veggies and noodles, somewhat akin to a Japanese Yose Nabe. They also have very interesting drinks, and I find myself ordering the salty plum drink every time I'm there.

Another facet that clearly sets Pho Quynh above the other Vietnamese restaurants is cleanliness. The interior is bright, clean and tended to, which is always a positive and welcomed attribute.

If you're headed out with friends, the menu lends itself perfectly to sharing a few different dishes family style.

I've rated it five stars because it delivers in every aspect of what you'd want from a Vietnamese dining experience.
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