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December 26, 2014
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92% Recommend
6078 Laurel St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 895-9441

3 Reviews for Patois
Great for Brunch
by TheWiz on 1/29/13
My wife and I love this place for Brunch. The food is exquisite, and the atmosphere is always buzzing.
Very good brunch
by kennypowers816 on 8/16/13
We went for Sunday brunch. I got the rabbit dish and my SO got the pulled pork brunch dish. The pork was amazing. The rabbit was good (not spectacular), but it was a very heavy brunch meal with the sausage gravy. Overall, I enjoyed it and would definitely go back to try other things. They had a number of delicious looking/sounding items on the menu.
Perfectly Patois
by Dixie on 8/14/10
Easily one of the top 5 meals that we have experienced.

The restaurant is set up in a little corner building on Laurel st. in uptown NO. The dining space is divided into two areas..the first runs along the main bar area and seats maybe 25-35 guest. Even with patrons sitting at the bar, it didn't feel too crowded. The second area (where our table is located), is up three steps and seperated from the bar area by a wall. Both spaces were full of guests, and getting to the table was a little like playing tetris, but not difficult to navigate in any way. We did have to wait for a waiter to stop pouring wine at one table to continue to ours, so it's not spacious...but comfortable.

7pm reservation..and we are on time and brought right to our table. Wine list and menus in hand, we start.

Our waiter was very good, late 20's early 30's, menu knowledge showed he had been there for at least a year or longer, and a type A personality. Right up my ally. His timing was right on all night. Questions answered and special request filled without hesitation. I believe we had one of their best taking care of us.

Patois has a pastry chef, so the bread is made in house and was a couple of muffin size portions of Brioche. Very good bread, not served with a pat of butter (which might be the only thing I wanted all night).

We shared a first course of a Crispy Pork Belly and Seared Scallop ($13). The scallop had a light brown sear and was moist and full of flavor. I could have just eaten the pork belly for dinner and been done(it was like a thick cut of bacon, fried and plated with the cane syrup).

Salad course was also impressive...Wife had the Crispy Duck Confit Salad ($13). The salad had an entire duck leg and thigh on top of a bed of arugula and a simple dressing. My salad was a plating of Sliced beats with Burrata cheese ($10) (it's the fresh mozzarella combined with cream. Not aged, very milky and creamy)

The two main courses were as good as it gets.
Mine: Roasted Pheasant Breast and a Confit Pheasant leg ($30) , roasted baby carrots, sunchoke puree (which was like a creamy mashed potato) and the best was the foie gras emuslion. It was like the best "Christmas Dinner" you've ever had. Both the roasted pheasant and the confit were perfect. And the trimming complimented the entire presentation.
Wife: Panned Panko Rabbit with buttered green beans and roasted potato gelattes ($25). The crust on the rabbit was perfectly cooked (not over fried), with little niblets of fried andouille sprinkled on top. No special sauce, it didn't need it. The special request was a change in the sides on this dish. It is normally served with some roasted peppers, but the wife didn't want that, so they changed the side to one served with one of the other entrees. No problem...everybody is happy.

A few glasses of starter Sauvignon Blanc and bottle of Miner Merlot ($87) with dinner, a couple of really nice desserts and a healthy tip...all in for $300.00. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.
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