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November 23, 2014
  10 Ratings | 5 Reviews  
100% Recommend
611 Frenchmen St
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 948-3800

5 Reviews for Adolfo's
Great little hole in the wall
by Neauxla on 1/29/13
It's not very fancy, kinda grungy, and not the friendliest wait staff, but the food is delicious and very moderately priced.

This is a place where you go for the food and not the ambiance or service. But the food is top notch.

Get the fish with Ocean sauce! You won't be disappointed!
Loved it!
by iluvdatiger on 2/21/12
For those who don't know, this literal hole in the wall restaurant is located on the second floor of the Apple Bar. Looked to be maybe enough room to seat 30. It is a cash only Italian restaurant. When I walked in to the upstairs dining, I was slapped in the face with the smell of garlic. They are not afraid of using a lot of garlic here!

We started off with 2 bottles of Pinot Noir and mussels. I didn't try the mussels but the other 5 people at the table scarfed them down quickly!

Rack of Lamb-absolutely fantastic!
Garlic Soup-fantastic, don't talk to anybody afterwards
Veal w/ Ocean Sauce-something was bad off about this Veal. Several people at the table tried it and agreed the dish tasted gross.
Veal Chops w/ red wine mushroom sauce- $22 for 2 chops that were an inch and a half thick. DAMN GOOD.
Grouper w/ Ocean Sauce-LOVED IT
Steak w/ ocean Sauce-LOVED IT

With the exception of the Veal w/ Ocean Sauce dish, everyone loved their meal. Our bill was $250 for 6 people. Not bad!! I loved this place and would give it an 8 out 10. Gotta take a point off for small,cramped seating and another point for bad Veal.

Great spot
by LSUAfro on 12/28/11
Good food for the price. Good service. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anybody.
Best sauces ever!!! Really and sauces are what it's all about here...
by Napoleon on 10/14/11
Went here for the first time on a date. They don't take reservations and they only take cash. Which to me is strange, I have a one person business and I take credit cards.. But anyway.
You get there, and there is a bar downstairs. I've been to the bar before (Apple Bar) but never knew of the restaurant above.
So we get there, put our names on the list and are told its going to be an hour wait (Thursday night 8pm). So we took in some blues music downstairs and chatted with a nice couple from Boston; we exchanged places to see in respective cities and then we were called up.

The restaurant is small and cozy, with tons of Random New Orleans paintings on the walls.
We started with a bottle of house Pinot, and the Escargot.
I have never had escargot, I was afraid to try it. But it was great, perfect garlic butter flavor with a dash or oregeno and basil. I was surprised, another new delicacy that I am no longer afraid of.

I was craving fish, but the selection that day was not to good (Grouper, Tilapia and Yellow Snapper) so I got the Veal Chop Marsala and my date got the Veal with Ocean sauce. Ocean sauce came highly reccomended. It is a buttery creme sauce with Artichokes and Shrimp. Very good. The Marsala, the best I ever had. I could have drinken it from a cup it was so good.

The food does take a while to come out, as with most casual-fine dining they take time to prepare it right. It shows in the flavors. In a city full of great Italian choices this one stands out, especially due to the dishes no really being what most picture as Italian. But the flavors of Italy are in the food.

Even though the prices and "casual" dining make it sound like you have to dress up, many people in there were in shorts, t-shirts etc... So don't be like me and wear something that doesn't fit into the Frenchmen vibe.

I would have given it five stars if I didn't have to suffer the embarrassment of having to draw money out of an ATM when I went to pay the bill.

I will be back again and again.
Keep trying to go back
by TheOtherOne on 11/8/10
I have eaten here a couple of times and I always try to go back. In the past, we guzzled a couple of bottles of Chianti and devoured rich and creamy fish dishes.
The last two attempts we ended up having to back out because the wait was too long.
In case you're faced with this, no worries, Cafe Negril's (basically across the street)pork tacos rock and are only $3!
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